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Having spent over three-and-a-half years working in the web design and digital marketing industry as both a web designer and as a digital marketer for various companies, I founded Smartdog digital in 2010.

I was frustrated with all the smoke and mirrors that surrounds the digital industry and I was tired of watching many clients who had little understanding about digital waste a lot of money on services they didn’t actually need.

At Smartdog digital I aim to change that. I’m working hard to break down the knowledge gaps that exist between clients and the companies they employee to look after their digital and website marketing.

We offer no nonsense digital marketing consultancy and we only charge you if we can save you money.

Foremost, we educate business owners about the value of digital marketing, showing them how it can help their business increase their overall revenue online.

If you need an informed, friendly, honest second opinion on any digital marketing investments you may be making or considering simply get in touch.

Here’s what Sarah said about working with me…

sarah hutchinson red sky

Sarah Hutchinson – Business Manager, Red Sky Corporate Services

“We employed Illiya following a brief meeting at a networking event in Harrogate. We have come to know Illiya as prompt, attentive and a real guru in the minefield that is ‘digital marketing’. I would not hesitate to recommend Illiya to anyone.”

Illiya has 40 + recommendations from Clients, Partners & Colleagues on LinkedIn.

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Previous past clients Illiya has worked with include:

previous clients at agencies

Others include; Lloyds TSB, Ping Pong Dim Sum, D&D London, Daddy Donkey, Clarion Solicitors, British Blinds & The Weight Loss Surgery Group.

Speaking at Events:

I love sharing my passion and knowledge about digital marketing with others. I’ve also been known to design some truly awesome presentation slides. I’m always happy to come speak at different events large or small.

Here’s what Marc had to say about me speaking at his event…

marc gordon

Marc Gordon – Owner,  Network North

“Once again, Illiya has proved his supreme skill in sharing his knowledge and expertise in the field of social media. He leaves his audience spellbound with his delivery style, his content and his attitude.”

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I’ve spoken at a number of events up and down the country. Some of the organisations I’ve spoken for included;

who I've spoken for

If you would like to enquire about Illiya speaking at one of your events.
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