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A Second Opinion on your Digital Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could rest easy each night knowing that you weren’t wasting any money on your digital marketing, SEO or web design?

I know I’d really appreciate a second opinion in my business if someone could show me I was wasting my money too.

I am simply here to provide you with independent impartial digital advice in a sector where there can be more smoke and mirrors than any real substance.

At the very worst I will give you peace of mind that you are getting value for money from your current digital marketing provider or those you are considering employing.

Talk to Illiya:

digital marketing consultant

When it comes to digital marketing there are so many different opportunities available, it’s often hard to be sure that you are making the right decisions. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a digital expert on hand to answer all your questions?

I can provide you the answers you need to understand what you REALLY should be doing with your digital or website marketing for your business.

Our consultancy advice provides you answers to your questions and gives you sensible recommendations to get great returns from your digital marketing and website online.

You’ll get in return:

  • Better results & ROI from your digital marketing campaigns
  • Improve your website performance
  • Generate more sales and enquiries
  • Understanding & clarity about your digital marketing strategy

julia benfieldJulia Benfield – Owner, Sneaky Experience “Illiya understood the issues I was experiencing immediately, and within a fortnight submitted a 46 page document, detailing how I could make my campaign more effective. Both the document and our 2 hour consultancy was invaluable. I know this document won’t be a one-off, but will be used as a constant reference tool as I grow Sneaky and it’s online presence.”


What can I help you with?

need help?

Why waste valuable time struggling alone when I’m just a phone call away? Let’s have a chat and together I can help you progress online. Consultancy calls are available from 9.30am to 6.30pm GMT

Smartdog provides impartialfriendlyhonest digital marketing advice face-to-face or via telephone or over Skype.

Consultancy calls start at just £25.00 + VAT for 30 minutes and can be scheduled for a time or length that suits you.

*For longer calls of over an hour, documentation and/or supporting e-mails will be provided at no additional cost and will include any relevant resources or tools mentioned in the phone call.

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Our consultancy calls can cover: 

  • Website Performance Health Check – Advice that will improve your website performance. We will look at your website traffic, SEO and make suggestions to boost your conversion rates for more sales and enquires.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Enchancer – We’ll analyse your current digital marketing performance and provide you with great new ideas to take to your marketing to the next level.
  • Business Blogging – We’ll suggest ways in which you can improve your blog content to achieve more visitors, blog subscribers, sales & enquiries.
  • Social Media Health Check – Tweeting all the time but not seeing any results? We can help you save time, increase the quality and number of your followers, measuring the results in the process.

Any problem or question answer! – Feeling stuck? Well don’t worry; we love a challenge. Present us with any problem you are having with your website, social media or digital marketing and we will help you solve it.

Following a consultation call with Smartdog, we guarantee that you’ll understand how to improve your current digital marketing activities and you will also have more know-how to achieve increased visitorsexposuresearch engine visibilitysales and enquiries.

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