5 Great Tips to Build a Successful Network on Twitter

5 Great Tips to Build a Successful Network on Twitter

Twitter as a social networking tool has grown substantially in popularity from its rise to fame since its creation in 2006. Now with more than 100 million users worldwide how can you get the most out Twitter?

Well, let me help you. I first started on Twitter back in 2009  and was once completely new to what Twitter could actually do. It took me a while to grow my own network into a useable effective account.

Twitter as a networking tool

You should always think of Twitter primarily as a networking tool, like most social networking sites it gives you the ability to share your content with a wider network of users. However, it is some much more powerful than that.

Wouldn’t you like to have a place where you can converse with all the important and reputable people in your industry or perhaps ask your most loyal customers what they think to your company and get instant feedback. If you use Twitter correctly it can do both of these things for you.

5 Great tips to Improve your Twitter Network

  1. Don’t follow everyone back – You will notice you’ll receive new followers from time to time, before you instantly click follow check that person or companies profile out. How many followers do they have? What does their profile biography say about them? Do they talk about a subject relevant to you? If they don’t, then there probably not worth following. Rember the more people you follow, the more tweets you’ll receive in your Twitterstream. Do you really want their daily updates?
  2. Look for people to follow in your local area – Twitter becomes really powerful when your connected to well know people in your local area. Think about the subject areas you talk about, if its ‘Public relations’ find local people in Harrogate who work in Public relations.
  3. Watch out for accounts that follow more than 10,000 people – If you follow 10,000 people on Twitter, your going to receive 10,000 tweets of people’s daily updates, the chances of your Tweet being seen in a sea of 10,000 + are slim. The most authoritive Twitter accounts don’t really follow more than a couple of hundred people back at a time.
  4. Don’t follow a load of celebrities – What value do they offer you to your network, only follow them if your a big fan and have a vested interest in that person. The likely hood of Britney spears re-tweeting your post about ‘Photography tips’ is very slim.
  5. Engage with people -Share links you find interesting and relevant to your Twitter followers, it doesn’t always have to be your own content, share someone else’s. Talk to people you find interesting, build relationships with your followers. This does take time but believe me it is worth it.


Tomorrow, I will be brining you an in-depth tutorial on how to find new followers for your Twitter account. Stay tuned!