7 More Amazing Wine Website Examples

7 More Amazing Wine Websites Examples

You might remember reading my post 5 Examples of Beautiful Wine Websites I wrote a while ago. Well ladies and gentleman since then I’ve been keeping my eyes pealed for any new and wonderful wine based websites and here are the new updates.

Hunter’s Marlborough

Trust another New Zeland winery stealing the show with a lovely designed e-commerce store. It’s a rather tidy website overall, the typography compliments the overall minimalist and clean design. This website was brought to my attention by my good friend John Walker from his posterous blog.

The checkout page is really clear and clean, I love the big black “Purchase” button it’s a strong call to action. Who wouldn’t want to buy these wines when the imagery looks so inviting!

Jax Vineyards

This time we’re over to San Fransico for Jax Vineyards website, I must say I love this website. There is some really tidy jquery behind this site which allows the different wines to zoom across into the page. A very nice feature indeed. The wine bottle imagery is also very inviting, with really good wine websites comes good product imagery they really do go hand in hand.

The Winestore


Wisconsin Cheese Cupid

What a great idea to sell Cheese and Wine together! The perfect partnership!

Bonny Doon Vineyard

A Flash website in this example, but the animation is clever and it offers something a bit “different” it’s certainly a unique wine website design from the other examples.


Cork’d states itself as the new way to review, share and discuss wine. I personally think it’s an excellent website and for those passionate wine fanatics, now you can share your love of wine on a social network for other like minded individuals.

Why would you join:

  • Review, score and comment on wines
  • Interact and share with your drinking buddies
  • Discover and keep track of new wines you’d like to buy and try
  • Learn about grapes, wineries, wines and find out what the experts are drinking

Well that’s all for now folks…but if you’ve seen some other awesome examples I’ve missed be sure to share them in the comments.