Best Places for Weekly Website Design Inspiration

I’m sure many of you budding or veteran designers out there are constantly looking for inspiration. Well, I can relate to that being a keen designer myself. If your looking to learn what great website design looks like, then you should follow these posts.

I myself, subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds, it serves up great content every week from some of the world’s top blogs. What I really look forward to though is the weekly website design inspiration posts, these usual appear from Friday onwards.

There used to be quite a few blogs doing this kind of post, however there’s only a small handful who do it really well and consistently. I’m going to list which ones I follow. If you like great website design then you’ll enjoy and look forward to viewing these posts each week.

Blogs who run weekly website design inspiration

  1. D-lists – We’ll start with the best. is run by Michael Wilson, each week Michael puts up his weekly website design post which is always full of stunning and amazing websites. This is posted normally on Sunday. Here is D-list’s latest website design inspiration post.
  2. Speckyboy Design Magazine – Speckyboy is another fantastic blog for web design and anyone involved in web developement. They also have a weekly website design section, which is posted on Fridays. Here is their latest website design inspiration post
  3. Line25 – Line25 is another favourite blog of mine, they feature a variety of posts but it is the weekly round of favourite websites that I tune in for mostly. Here is their latest post. They call it Sites of the week and they too post this on Fridays.

All the post have a variety of different website designs, your unlikely to see the same website twice.

If anyone knows of any others, I’ll add them to this blog post. These are the best and most frequent ones I’ve found so far.