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  • How Website Design Agencies Cheat at Link Building

    how website design agencies cheat at link building

    Ok so I have tell you honestly about this cheap link building tactic, I’m sure that many people in the industry will agree for my reasons in taking this viewpoint. These views are my own, agree or disagree, I wanted to make people aware that this is happening.

  • Google Instant Preview Tool – Can you Afford to Have a Poor Looking Website?

    Google Instant Preview Tool – Can you Afford to Have a Poor Looking Website?

    If you hadn’t already notice Google has recently updated their search results to include a preview tool. Not too long ago the only information you had to go on to decide wether you clicked on a search engine result was just the title & description. No longer is this the case, now users can preview […]

  • 10 REASONS Why Think Visibility 4 Rocked

    Having attended for my 3rd time, I really enjoyed Think Visibility once again. I was reading other people’s fantastic round-ups and reviews, I thought I’d do something a little different and design a presentation. It is part of my services after all. Please enjoy this presentation I put together!

  • 10 Sure Fire Reasons Why You Should Attend Think Visibility 2010

    Think Visibility

    This blog post for me, isn’t hard work, it is a complete pleasure to write this! I’m here to tell you my 10 sure fire reasons why you should attend the Think Visibility conference on the 4th of September 2010. So let me get straight to the points…

  • Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress


    I’ve complied this list of my best SEO plugins for WordPress to download and install for your website or blog. Can you believe I first started writing this post on the 28th of September 2009! I never really got the time to finish writing it until now. Post Update April 2012: I’ve updated some of the […]