Connosr: A Social Network for Whisky Drinkers

Connosr: A Social network for Whisky Drinkers

Ahhh Connosr, this is a place where refined gentleman meet to discuss the finer points of drinking man made liquid gold aka Whisky.

Good choice on the name Connosr, as how many people can spell connoisseur from memory!

Whisky drinkers have been rather neglected of late on the social networks, there are plenty of good places for Wine drinkers to hang out such as the popular Snooth and Cork’d.

Connosr: A Whisky Social Network


Also check out the social wine review network Project Vino featured in my blog post 5 Examples of Beautiful Wine Websites

It’s a really well put together social network. I personally love the google map showing all the Distilleries.

Whisky Connsor Google map

Good usability

If your searching for a Whisky, you can broswe by A-Z or type the keywords directly into the search box. But what happens if you want to see specifically just Irish whisky well the guys at Connosr have thought about that.

To make your life easy so you can filter the results quickly,  a well design search bar filter has been created, which lets you see the results byAmerican Whiskey & Bourbon, Scotch Single Malt Whisky or just Irish Whiskey.

Whisky Connosr SearchThis allows users to narrow down their search specifically, easily and most of all quickly. Usability win!

Catering for the mobile users

iphone Connsor social network More and more people are using their phones to access social networks and surf the web. As people become increasingly more busy in there working lives, they are not always next to a computer and having a mobile site seems like a wise move for Connosr. I wonder though, if the true connoisseur himself Sean Connery has signed up yet!