How to Respond to an E-mail Marketing Technical Issue

How to Respond to an E-mail Marketing Technical Issue

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from apologising for their recent technical issues with their e-mail marketing software. I wanted to share this with my readers to show you a good example of how to react to an e-mail marketing technical issue.

Sometimes technical issues just cannot be avoid, we are all human after all and even the world’s best technology can sometimes let your business down. I just wish more brands reacted in the swift and sincere way have done here. I would go on record to say, as a customer myself this has made me want to buy from them more because they actually care about their customers.

A Good Example

Tips on How to Respond

  • React quickly and efficiently. Try to deal with the issue within 24 hours of the technical issue happening.
  • Keep your customers updated to what is going on, don’t leave them guessing.
  • Include your Customers Services number and e-mail address in the response e-mail
  • Address the customer personally in the response e-mail.
  • Make sure the response e-mail is genuine and sincere.
  • Get senior management or the customer services manager to sign off the e-mail personally.

When I was working for previous clients with e-mail marketing lists over 50,000 + subscribers I found it was always useful to put a technical response plan in place for e-mail marketing campaigns.

A technical response plan provides:

  • A document containing key contact details of the client’s staff in charge of e-mail marketing campaign & details of the agency or software provider responsible.
  • An e-mail template setup ready to input a response back to customers.
  • A checklist to review how this technical issue occurred and a document to detail the information of the error.
  • A guide to brief customer services team about the issues, advising the customer services team on any discounts or vouchers that can be offered to customers who are upset by the issue.
  • Review information gathered on the issue and put in place any necessary procures.

I may post an example of this up on my blog for those businesses who want to put a similar process in place.

I’m very passionate about e-mail marketing, for me E-mail as an online marketing channel is very much alive in the world of business. It shouldn’t be ignore, far too many businesses have forgotten just how important it is. Why? It’s cheap, cost effective and can offer huge value to a business.

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