Maude4Marketing Launched

Maude4Marketing Branding & Website Setup

How do you improve a website quickly and affordably without having to get something bespoke built or designed.

Simples. WordPress is the answer!

Yes…you really can have a website as a good as this for less than £500.00. If you know what you’re doing with WordPress you can even do it yourself.

I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Maude4Marketing, Managing Director, Sara Maude.  Maude4 are a specialist B2B marketing agency based in Yorkshire.

Sara approached me to give her existing website a bit of a refresh and an overall re-brand, whilst maintaing her vision for her company and getting across the right tone to prospective clients.

She’ll be the first to admit her previous WordPress site left a lot to be desired and wasn’t representative of the good work she was doing with her clients

So What Did I Do to Help?

Firstly, I looked at the overall Maude4 brand to see if any improvements could be made. Instantly, I noticed that the existing logo (which was a bit of an eye sore) could do with a re-brand.

This was primarily to fit the new WordPress theme I had recommended.

Here is the logo development:

maude4 logo development smartdog digital

I tried to imagine the possible uses for the logo, in branding materials, documents and elsewhere. This is why I decided to go with the smaller version of just simply ‘Maude4‘, not only is this easier to remember and say, it can also fit into places where other versions of logo can’t.

Now Maude4Marketing have a brand worth remembering, rather than something that is forgettable.

The New Site

maude4marketing website setup and customised by smartdog digital

I scrapped the existing WordPress theme which was clunky, badly optimised for SEO and a pain to update for this theme by Orman Clark. He is one of the very best WordPress theme designers on the planet and it shows when his themes are extremely easy to update.

For a novice (non-techie) person setting up a WordPress theme isn’t the easiest process in the world, I’ve seen even developers struggle to get to grips with some themes. This where I came in.

Having setup and built over 50 WordPress themes over the years, I can say I’ve been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to this stuff.

Needless to say the new site looks great. Sara is pleased. Her clients are pleased.

I also provided a bit of hands on training and helped her setup Joost De Valk’s world class WordPress SEO plugin. I also demonstrated how to properly use the plugin to improve the search engine optimisation of content entered into WordPress.

Here’s what Sara had to say about our work;

sara maude

“Illiya is great to work with, bringing fresh creative ideas to the table to deliver exceptional results. Always a pleasure to work with, I would recommend Illiya’s services to any of my clients”



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