Merry Christmas from Smartdog digital 2011

smartdog christmas 2011

Happy Christmas to you all (I love this time of year, especially getting together with the family), thanks to all who read this for supporting my blog over the past year and half. I hope you’ve enjoyed the content! More to come…

For those who do read, share or comment regularly on my posts thank you very much indeed! I invite you to leave a comment below and tell me what kind of posts and information you’d like to hear discussed in 2012.

A big thank you to everyone who I have personally worked with or alongside over the last year and to my current set of clients have a fantastic Christmas break! Enjoy the time spent with your family and friends.

smartdog christmas 2011

Special Christmas Thanks to the following People:

Chris Fairey, Digipest – For being one of the best mates a guy could have and a top developer to boot!

Joanna Butler, Search Engine Chocolate – For being a great friend when you need her most and for keeping me sane.

Simon Barker, Zath – For sharing his Google pain alongside me and for being a top notch bloke, blogger and friend.

Jackie Hole & Dan McGuire, Carnival Creative – For keeping my sane and for being good friends who I can rely on.

Stuart Bamforth, Digital Mercenary – For being a great designer, friend and introducing me to a great client this year.

Gavin Llewellyn, One to Many Mornings – For his great blog posts, feedback on my re-design and being a pretty cool person to talk too.

Julie Cheung, Carloan4u – For being a great SEO to know and for sharing her experiences and thoughts with me.

Dom Hodgson, Hodgetastic  – For putting on so many great SEO conferences, letting me speaking when no-one else would and for making me laugh when we meet up.

Tim Nash, Coding Futurers – For being a great person to talk too, helping me rally people for geek meet ups in York.

Paddy Moogan, Distilled – For interviewing me on his blog, being a great SEO to know and generally top dude.

Julie Bikerdyke (My bookkeeper) – For keeping my accounts from not being a mess and putting up with me.

Stuart Ramsay, Accountancy Extra – For all the great feedback and words of encouragement.

Karyn Fleeting & Joel Turner, Tinderbox Media – For being superb people to work with and good friends

Gary Hartley, FrogsThemes – For giving me honest (no bullshit) feedback and advice without pulling any punches.

Toby Drysdale, SEO Consultant – For all the great football banter and words of encouragement.

Also a very Happy Christmas to all of Smartdog digital’s,  partners, freelancers and the Awesome Games team

To all my other friends, contacts, followers on Twitter & Facebook, here’s to a wonderful Christmas and well deserved break for all of you and best wishes for 2012. Thank you for continued support.

Most of all thanks to my Dad for putting up with me, loving me as only a Father could and support me along this journey where ever it takes me.