Presentation Slides from North East Expo 2010

Presentation Slides from North East Expo 2010

I had a really enjoyable day yesterday speaking to the attendees of North East Expo 2010 (minus the technical issues), it was great to see so many businesses interested and actively getting involved in social media.

Thank you to the following people

Thank you to both Andrew Charlton of BACK Consulting who was helping to look after the speakers and making sure everything ran smoothly on the day and thank you to Marc Gordon founder of Network North,who kindly invited me to speak at North East Expo 2010 and who did an awesome job of putting on the event. The opportunity to speak was very much appreciated.

Everyone who left me feedback after the talk directly, on Twitter or through LinkedIn thank you very much for your kinds words, they meant a lot.

A couple of people who came to ask me questions afterwards have given me some fantastic ideas for some up coming blog posts, so stay tuned for answers to those questions shortly.

If you didn’t manage to attend my Social for Business masterclass the slides can be seen below.

Social Media for Business

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I look forward to connecting with you all on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.