Social Networking Zero: An Online Marketing Event in Leeds

Social networking zero: An Online marketing event in Leeds

Last night I attended the very first social networking zero event held at the Adelphi in Leeds. The event is setup and run by Matt Pallatt who is Technical Director at twentysix Leeds

I have to congratulate Matt on setting up this event, it’s nice to have a monthly social for digital media people in Leeds. Even though there were lots of people from rival agencies, I think the night was a really big success as people seemed to be talking about similar experiences in the industry and enjoying a good old chin wag.

It’s a great place to get a job for freelancers or graduates

If your a freelance web design or web developer based in Leeds, then I recommend you attend this event.  Why you ask?

Because you’ll have to chance to talk to MD’s of digital agencies & digital marketing managers who could possibly give you some new work, or if your a graduate looking for a job, your first break in the industry.

It’s good to network

It’s always great to get other people’s opinions in the industry and especially those who you don’t necessarily work with on a daily basis. I always find value in asking people far more experienced than me for some advice.

If your interested in coming to the next one here it is: Social networking zero mark 2

Best of all it’s free