Wallbase: a Wallpaper Based Search Engine

Wallbase: a wallpaper based search engine

Introducing the brilliant wallpaper based search engine Wallbase it’s a fantastic little site that can really give you the power to find stunning unique wallpaper for your desktop.

I’ve admittedly just got a new 23 inch Philips screen to use with my Macbook and I ended up spending 2 hours on this site last night finding new wallpaper for my massive 1280 x 800 resolution widescreen.

Searching for wallpaper

Desktop Wallpapers - wallbase.net

Well…you’ve come to the right place Wallbase will allow you to find pretty much anything you fancy based on the keywords you type in.

There are a number of options in the search drop down that allow you to filter by screen resolution anything up to a massive 2560 x 1600! You can also search by specific keywords or by color if your really looking to customise your desktop that extra mile.

It is the best wallpaper search engine I’ve used I know Smashing magazine and other website design blogs like Honkiat have done excellent posts of the top 100 desktop wallpapers etc., but Wallbase actually allows you to find the desktop wallpaper your looking for.

Here are the two fantastic posts I mentioned above for excellent desktop wallpaper to get you started.

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