We Have Launched

We Have Launched

Today is a great day, I’m writing this to you filled with excitement as I complete the final touches to this website.

Smartdog digital was born out of my passion and desire to deliver better online marketing and more measurable tangible results for my clients.

Our goal is to help companies make sense of the Internet. Too many people have over complicated online marketing for far too long, it really doesn’t have to be complex.

Online marketing is easy to understand, but it helps to have the knowledge and support that you require.

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to following people. Firstly thanks to my dear old friend Chris Fairey @codebanshee. Chris and I started working with websites nearly 10 years ago, since then Chris has gone on to be a qualified Certified Ethical Hacker. He has specifically helped me with any annoying HTML bugs and errors on the website and instructed me about any development or server issues during this project.

Thank you Chris, you are a star.

The second person I wanted to mention was Chris Norton @chris_norton, Online PR consultant at Dead Dinosaur. Chris has been a great support to me on the side lines, encouraging me to keep going through all the difficult moments that anybody encounters during a website launch. Thanks Chris.

Thanks also to these great people, Kunle Campbell @fuzzone, Charlie Hartley, Adam Bushell, Dan McGuire @EdTheDuck101, Joel Turner @JoelTurner, Carla Marshall @SorbetDigital and Bo Pederson @localbits for the good wishes and continued support.

None of this could of been possible without the love and support of my family, especially my Dad.