Welcome to the Digital Dog House

Welcome to the dog house

You may have been enjoying a relaxing weekend putting your feet up this Sunday (and good for you), instead I was busy at work getting the new version of Smartdog digital ready for the world to see.

It was Smartdog’s three year anniversary this month since the original launch of the business way back in March 2010 and to celebrate I decided it was high time I gave this website some much need TLC.

So why the NEW Theme?

Simply put, I’m taking a brand new approach with both the overall content on this blog and the way this business operates and the type of service we offer.

I’m not a digital marketing agency (so gone is the generic agency style website) and instead I’ve gone back to getting people to read my blog posts first and foremost, hence the focus back on content!

As I’ve recently said on Twitter,  this is the website that I actually wanted to launch back in March 2010 but I had to go through a bit of a quest for the holy grail to find a theme that finally fitted my overall vision and direction for Smartdog digital.

Welcome to Dog House

What is going to be new on the blog then? I hear you asking.

This blog is actually over four years old and a lot has chance since my very first post.

Gone are the days of just posting up digital marketing tips, I’m now opening up the blog to post topics to:

  • Business tools / products
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business advice
  • Design & Branding
  • Interviews & Q+A’s

Most importantly, I will just blog about what inspires or annoys me in digital. If you are expecting to see more ‘Top 10 tips post‘ on digital marketing or social media, then you’re on the wrong blog!

I’ve stopped following what everyone else is doing and I’m taking a completely new approach. Also, do expect to see some blunt truths about digital marketing. I really do think the smoke and mirrors need to be attacked with some honesty and passion. And that’s exactly what I plan do.

Also, if you want to get involved and maybe you have:

  • A question you need solving
  • An idea for a post
  • Some worthwhile business advice to share
  • A great marketing story to tell

If you do then I’d love to hear from you, I’ll also reward anyone who does get involved with some sweets and a link to your website with some additional promotion about you.

Looking for forward to the next four years blogging!