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  • WordPress for Business Q&A with Toby Drysdale

    WordPress for business Q&A with Toby Drysdale

    Today, we are proudly joined on the Smartdog digital blog by a very smart man who deals with WordPress themes and development on a daily basis, Toby Drysdale, who is the Chief Technical Officer at Gimme Media. We’ve known Toby for quite a while here at Smartdog and we’d thought we bring over some of his insight and knowledge to help individuals like you […]

  • Be Remarkable, Be Like Seth

    Be Remarkable - Be Like Seth

    Competition in business is like stepping into a piranha infested sea, if you don’t stand out you’ll be quickly eaten alive. Unfortunately, too many businesses struggle to reinvent themselves or offer anything different to their niche or industry. Let’s face it, some people just aren’t naturally creative or just don’t have a clear vision about their company. Should those […]

  • A New Chapter

    A New Chapter

    The last two years have not been easy, as business owner I am by no means the finished article, nor have I ever claimed to be. I’ve already made plenty of mistakes along the way. We are all human. I’m glad I’ve learnt from mine. The first couple of years working for myself have been […]

  • Don’t Over-Extend Yourself as a Business Owner

    don't over extend yourself as a business owner

    Have you ever felt that maybe you are taking on too many commitments? Have you ever felt that things are starting to get on top of you? Working for yourself can leave you regularly feeling like it’s a continuous juggling act with numerous things trying to pull you off into different directions. The world wants us to […]

  • Why I started Smartdog digital

    Why I Started Smartdog digita

    Hello dear friends of Smartdog, loyal subscribers and to anyone else who is reading this out there. It’s been two years since I started my business and I’ve wanted to write this post for a while now, having finally had a spare moment to get the words out from inside of me. Here it is. […]