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  • Why Auto-following on Twitter is Bad?

    Why Auto-following on Twitter is Bad?

    There are various tools out there that help you find Twitter accounts automatically which are likely to follow you back, you should avoid them and be careful to use only professional tools. We like to think of ourselves as teachers here at Smartdog HQ, educating companies about online marketing and after all we provide online marketing […]

  • How to get the Best from your Website Designer

    How to get the Best from your Website Designer

    Every designer needs clear instructions from a client to what they are specifically asking for, unfortunately not everyone knows how to get the best from working with a talented website designer and a lot of clients need help communicating their instructions across more clearly. You wouldn’t tell a builder to put your front door on the roof of the […]

  • 12 Reasons Why You Need a Online Marketing Consultant

    12 Reasons Why You Need a Online Marketing Consultant

    The internet is a crazy old place, technology now moves faster than the speed of light, there are new development platforms, software, measurement and reporting tools being launched everyday. It can be quite a confusing place for a business looking to get the best advice about starting a web presence or investing into online channels, there are […]

  • The Power of a Good Brief

    The power of a good brief

    This week we’ve been tackling the subject of “the brief” a sometimes elusive and sometimes forgotten about document that has all the power to make a project a complete success or hinder it’s complete existence. Brief’s come in many shapes and sizes be it a technical, design or creative brief however the underlining purpose remains […]

  • Your Business Card is Crap!

    I wanted to share with you one of the best business videos I have ever seen on Youtube. Don’t let not having the tools be your trepidation! You don’t spend the money till you make the money! *Play the video above or read my thoughts in the post.