The Power of a Good Brief

The power of a good brief

This week we’ve been tackling the subject of “the brief” a sometimes elusive and sometimes forgotten about document that has all the power to make a project a complete success or hinder it’s complete existence.

Brief’s come in many shapes and sizes be it a technical, design or creative brief however the underlining purpose remains the same. A brief should be something that aids both client & agency in terms of delivering the best possible solution to the initial question in this case “we would like to design and build a website for our company to sell our products and services”

The main major benefit of writing a good brief, is not only does it give a clear understanding of the companies goals & objectives for the project but it will help you to lay out CLEARLY DEFINED OBJECTIVES.

Having clearly defined objectives will allow you to build the site with these in mind leading to a website which works more effectively and meets the companies objectives. For example one of the objectives might be – to allow users to purchase a particular product.

My advice to writing a brief :

In taking the time to write a clear website brief to an agency or designer you should see the following benefits in return :

  1. A more accurate cost for your project
  2. A clear picture of what is proposed and the service you will receive
  3. A better understanding of what the website will exactly do and the objectives it will complete
  4. A final website that performs effectively

How to produce a design brief :

In this video leading web designer, Paul Boag talks about what’s require for a good design brief and why is it important both from the client’s perspective and the agency. Paul Boag is Creative director at Headscope a respected website design agency in the UK

Let me know your thoughts about how you write a brief or what important factors would you ask when establishing a brief for a project.