WordPress for Business Q&A with Toby Drysdale

Today, we are proudly joined on the Smartdog digital blog by a very smart man who deals with WordPress themes and development on a daily basis, Toby Drysdale, who is the Chief Technical Officer at Gimme Media. We’ve known Toby for quite a while here at Smartdog and we’d thought we bring over some of his insight and knowledge to help individuals like you… Continue reading WordPress for Business Q&A with Toby Drysdale

The Presentation Designer Launched

Hello Smartdog readers! I have some rather exciting news for you today. People keep asking me ‘Illiya, why is WordPress so good?’. The short answer is this; A:It allows you to produce truly ‘Awesome’ looking websites like The Presentation Designer and our very own site runs WordPress. B: It allows small business owners with limited budgets to save thousands on… Continue reading The Presentation Designer Launched

The Quest for the Holy WordPress Theme

Smartdog digital version 2.0 is now live and with a bit of a new re-fresh to our current service offering. I felt that my old website (as good as it was visually) didn’t reflect where the company had now moved to over the last 12 months. Every single website no matter how good needs to continually be improved… Continue reading The Quest for the Holy WordPress Theme

Round Up of WordPress Tips & Advice Guest Posts

I’ve recently being guest blogging at Frogsthemes.com, FrogsThemes are a Premium WordPress Theme & Template Development company.

This post is a round up of my guest blogging featured on the Frog Blog over the last couple of months, all the posts are on WordPress Inspiriation, Tips & Advice.

A lot of my readers & new visitors to my website will find these blog posts insightful and very helpful if your using WordPress to build websites or run your blog on.

Right on to the posts then…

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