The Presentation Designer Launched

the presentation designer website launched

Hello Smartdog readers! I have some rather exciting news for you today.

People keep asking me ‘Illiya, why is WordPress so good?’. The short answer is this;

A:It allows you to produce truly ‘Awesome’ looking websites like The Presentation Designer and our very own site runs WordPress.

B: It allows small business owners with limited budgets to save thousands on web design costs.

C: It is flexible an easy to update. Even people who struggle with technology have found WordPress easy to learn.

D: It’s Open Source, FREE to use and mostly importantly it continues to improve and develop as the World’s most popular CMS.

The Presentation Designer

The exciting news is Smartdog digital has expanded and we’ve opened a new business The Presentation Designer. This new website provides businesses and individuals with professional PowerPoint & Keynote design, giving real power to your message.

There are many acts of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ happening everyday and The Presentation Designer aims to prevent that by helping people design effective presentations that prevent them from putting their audience to sleep.

the presentation designer smartdog digital
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The website is fully responsive meaning that the layout of text, images and the structure of the site will adapt to meet different browsers sizes, including Smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices. You can see this by re-sizing your browser window when looking at the website.

If this kind of design excites you (let me tell you that the feedback about this site has been simply amazing) then I can help you produce something similar by providing you with a WordPress website that looks just as great.

I’ve been working with WordPress now for 6 years and there isn’t much we cannot do with it. It is simply the best platform for small businesses to create a website or blog on.

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