How a Website Should Help in Marketing your Business?

How a website should help in marketing your business?

Today, I thought I’d push the proverbial boat out and just go for it with my thoughts!

Here is my honest and informed opinion on what a website is.

A website is a marketing tool that should be exploited

Without any form of content, design or online marketing it is shapeless and formless. A hammer without nails, a fire without a light, you get my drift!

A website is like a shop window

A website should be designed like a shop window, it should allow you to see into it’s windows to view the further content inside. You need to engage visitors to delve further into the content of your website with enticing sections, copy and images.

A visual representation of your company

A website should always represent the branding of your company. If you want to be seen as a fun & interesting company, then that should be reflected in your website’s design.

If your more corporate facing, then make sure your website stands up to your professionalism and showcases the values your company stands for.

Website usability & good customers service is the key to success online

If you owned your own coffee shop you’d want people to buy coffee from you, but what makes you different from your competitors selling the same coffee?

You’ve designed your shop to look nice aesthetically so it’s a pleasant experience to a customer.

But what’s more important is how you treat your

customers when they enter your shop?

CUSTOMER  SERVICE, the same principles apply to a website. Is it easy for a customer to get in touch with you if they have a problem? Do you respond to customer problems quickly and efficiently? Is the sign up process simple & painless?

WEBSITE USABILITY, In the case of the coffee shop example: Are the toilets easy to locate? Is the menu easy to read?

These same principles apply when building a client’s website, in the case of YOUR WEBSITE: Is the contact form easy to find? Can you see the telephone number clearly? Can you find the ‘buy now’ button simply? Is the copy easy to read and follow? Can a user buy a product in less than two clicks? Are the call to actions clear?

Remember this…

Even some of the most elaborate complex website do the simple basics best.

A website can be a visual stunning piece of artwork, but if it does not get the basics right e.g. how can a customers get in touch with you, when there is no e-mail address on your website, then what’s the point in having a website anyway?

Websites never go to sleep, they are a 24hr open at all times shop

When you go to sleep at night your website should be working hard for your business so you can concentrate on doing what you do best in business. In this example: selling coffee