A Dream Speaker Lineup for a Dream Conference

*This is an imaginary conference I’ve decided to have a bit of creative fun and put together my ultimate dream speaker line-up for a conference. For the sake of this post I am calling this imaginary conference “DreamCon13” #dreamcon (I’m trademarking that before you get any wise ideas!) Before I begin, I just need to clarify a couple of points first. This […]

Content Marketing – The Buzzword for 2013

*Drum roll. There’s a new buzzword in town, 2013 is the year for ‘content marketing’. You’ll hear it vocalised in the corridors of digital industry, it will be mentioned many more times than both the words ‘ROI’ and ‘measure’. You’ll hear it and by the end of 2013 I guarantee you’ll be sick of it. SEO and social […]

5 Key Website Goals Law Firms should track in Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics? I’ve never heard of it before today? Well, Google Analytics a web analytics solution that use a small piece of tracking code that is placed on every page of the website in the HTML code. It will tell you how many people came to your site, how they found you and […]