Presentation Slides from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) York

Yesterday, I was invited to speak to members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in York, I strongly urge other small businesses to join, it’s a great networking group who put on some fantastic events. I’d like to firstly thank Nicky Rayment, the York FSB Chair for inviting me to speak and to the other […]

Google Instant Preview Tool – Can you Afford to Have a Poor Looking Website?

If you hadn’t already notice Google has recently updated their search results to include a preview tool. Not too long ago the only information you had to go on to decide wether you clicked on a search engine result was just the title & description. No longer is this the case, now users can preview […]

The Importance of Website Copy: Q&A with Jenny Catton

This is an interview with local Harrogate based, freelance copywriter Jenny Catton of Call Me Copy. Jenny, it’s very nice to have you on the Smartdog blog as a guest today, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. For those who don’t know myself and Jenny used to work together at a previous agency […]

Mobile Websites 5 Tools to Help you Create One Cheaply

When I was presenting at North East Expo 2010 earlier this week, a couple of people asked me how easy it was to get a mobile version of their website developed. There are many good web designers and companies out there who can build your existing website code to be adaptable for mobile deceives. In fact, I was […]