Is the Best Sign Up Form You’ve Ever Seen?

the best signup form ever

A quick short post today but a worthwhile one all the very same. Yesterday, my good friend Chris Fairey (an information security analyst) and I were talking as we regularly do each week about the latest developments in WordPress Security.

I had previously heard of some WordPress backups systems that were around but not one service really appealed or stood out to me, I manually make backups of my WordPress sites but it is painstakingly boring to do so time and time again. Yes, you can get WordPress Backup plugins to do this for you, but I prefer the manual method.

In our conversation Chris mentioned he’d heard of a new service called VaultPress. I was very eager to take a look just what VaultPress was all about.

What is VaultPress?

VaultPress provides realtime, continuous backup and synchronisation of every post, comment, media file, revision and dash­board setting across at least two separate cloud services, ensuring no loss of content. It is the perfect service to keep you safe in mind just in case anything happens to your server or your WordPress blog is compromised you’ll never lose that content ever again.

The Best Sign Up Form Ever?

Whilst learning and hearing about the new service from Automattic, called VaultPress, what I discovered was this beautiful constructed and effective sign up form. Not only is VaultPress an amazing backup service to protect your WordPress blogs & websites, their website is also really well designed.

We think this is just awesome, have a look at the copy and creativity that has gone into building this sign up form. It is unquine, different and still extremely effective as a sign up form. You can tell the website designer has spent some time thinking about this forms construction. The copy on the form is funny and engaging, it really makes you want to fill in your details.

I’m hoping for a beta trial of VaultPress soon, hopefully I can blog about it here and tell all you lovely people how you can go ahead signup and start protecting your WordPress blogs & websites.

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