Online Marketing Leeds & Harrogate: A Background to the Industry

Online marketing leeds & harrogate a background to the industry

Many people who work in the online marketing industry believe Leeds has become a lot like London in terms of the number of digital agencies that have sprung up over the last couple of years to service the marketing needs of business in the Yorkshire area.

Leeds does have a lot going for it in terms of being a great city to work in online marketing. Today a large handful of online marketing agencies in Leeds can be found near the The Calls by the River Aire.

But what differentiates a great agency from an average one?

Is it the number of high profile big name clients?

The number of awards you have won?

These things surely are important, but at the end of the day all agencies are trying to establish their brand and to invest in the people who clients ‘Love’ to work with.

The London digital agencies currently have the edge on most digital agencies in the North in terms of the globally recognised outstanding work being created and delivered, but the work coming out from the North isn’t too far behind.

In this industry of online marketing agencies their is a genuine need for differentiation.

What makes your company stand out from all the other ‘full service’ online marketing agencies in Leeds & the rest of Yorkshire?

At the end of the day we ‘the online marketers’ are here to bridge the gap between technology & traditional marketing teams.

Whether you call yourself a ‘digital agency’, ‘creative agency’ or ‘online marketing agency’ it’s important to show what you can contribute to a client’s overall business.

Online marketing events in Leeds

To learn more about online marketing or to network with other online marketing professionals in Leeds. Check out the events run by Leeds Media

Another great event which is a SEO & online marketing conference that takes place in Leeds. Previous speakers talked about search engine marketing & other areas of online marketing. If you wanted to attend a good online marketing event in Leeds you should check out Think Visibility

If your a young graduate and your looking to get into online marketing and your first role in digital media, I suggest you visits the Leeds Digital marketing academy

The Leeds Digital marketing academy is a joint venture between Leeds City college, Leeds media and Leeds digital & online marketing agency Swamp

Young graduates can use the website to learn more about the digital marketing training programmes on offer to them in the Leeds area.

I currently work for Online marketing & digital agency Smartdog digital based in Leeds. We are always on the look out for good graduates, I know someone recently who has successfully turned work experience into an offer of a job.

Image credit for feature: By Bevolee (Beverly Cottrell)