Social Media for Small Business – How do I make money from Twitter?!

Social Media

Since the recent rise in the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other such social media websites, we have seen social media play an increasingly more important roll in today’s digital business strategy.

I personally believe social media marketing to be an essential part of any SMEs overall digital strategy as it gives you the ability to move beyond any geographical, logistical or economic restrictions to reach out and connect with an entirely new customer group or demographic.

At the digital agency I work for at the time of writing this, we have had  recent success using Facebook to advertise the services of Oscar UK a senior concessions website offering discounts and concessions to the over 50s online


Facebook has been a key part of our strategy to increase reach to our target demographic online, the response rate to our advert has been fantastic, with over 3,556 referrals generated to the site within three months.

Obviously there can be a cost associated with using social media as an online marketing platform e.g. Facebook advertising for example but social media is a low cost marketing platform which on the whole is free, the only thing you need to invest is time.

SOCIAL MEDIA it’s all about getting involved in the CONVERSION.


  • Companies must learn to listen to their target customer market.
  • Online marketing today is not just about listening to what the consumer wants, but about building a one-to-one relationship with your customers.
  • Social media gives companies the ability to build one to one relationships with customers on a personal rather than corporate facing level.
  • Helps you build network contacts. Many SME’s recently as research has found article here SME’s have been using social media to share tips on how to combat the recession. Why struggle alone when you can share resources with other business owners.
  • Are you unsure about launching a new product or range? Want to know what your customers/ target market think about it before you make your decision? Social media lets you connect to them directly and they’ll give you their honest opinion back.

I’m an SME how can I maximise the benefits of social media without spending cash?

I’ve done some research for you and put together Kung fu Digital’s top 5 list containing some great resources and information for you get stuck into:

Kung fu Digital’s Top 5 Social media resources for SMEs:

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