How to get the Best from your Website Designer

Every designer needs clear instructions from a client to what they are specifically asking for, unfortunately not everyone knows how to get the best from working with a talented website designer and a lot of clients need help communicating their instructions across more clearly. You wouldn’t tell a builder to put your front door on the roof of the […]

Website Analytics Keeping it Simple

This blog post came about after reading Joanna Butler’s brilliant blog post Turning Website Analytics into Child’s Play. I wanted to follow on from what Joanna was talking about and add my thoughts to making your web analytics data more fun and not a chore. For reference this post assumes you have a basic understand of website […]

5 Great Tips to Build a Successful Network on Twitter

Twitter as a social networking tool has grown substantially in popularity from its rise to fame since its creation in 2006. Now with more than 100 million users worldwide how can you get the most out Twitter? Well, let me help you. I first started on Twitter back in 2009  and was once completely new to what […]