How to Link your Google Adwords Account to your Google analytics?

How to Link your Google Adwords Account to your Google analytics?

This brief guide will help you link your Google Adwords account successfully to your Google analytics account.  Many of the accounts I have taken over from clients have lacked this feature correctly setup which is a problem if you want to see the “big picture”.

If you are only looking at your Adwords data for reporting on your advertising spend, then you are only getting half the picture, how do you know what happens after those clicks?

Well that’s where Google analytics comes in… Google analytics is a free web analytics tool used by millions of companies world-wide to track the performance of their website traffic and analyse their websites engagement with visitors. You can setup an account here.

How to setup Adwords to link to Google analytics?

This video will take you through the basic of how to setup your Adwords account to your analytics and the benefits in doing so.

Importing cost data into analytics:

When linking your Adwords account to your analytics make sure you check the following box highlighted on this screenshot #Note remember you need to ensure your Google analytics account is an Admin account, therefore if a web designer or company is setting this up for you make sure they create a new Google analytics login for you which you are the main administrator of that account.

I’ve linked my Adwords account correctly but the cost data isn’t appearing?

In the My account tab, go into Preferences and make sure Auto-tagging is enabled. See screenshot below.

If this is set as No, thanks you need to click edit and select Yes. Once this done you should successfully see cost data in your analytics Adwords campaign section.