Merry Christmas from Smartdog digital 2011

Happy Christmas to you all (I love this time of year, especially getting together with the family), thanks to all who read this for supporting my blog over the past year and half. I hope you’ve enjoyed the content! More to come…

For those who do read, share or comment regularly on my posts thank you very much indeed! I invite you to leave a comment below and tell me what kind of posts and information you’d like to hear discussed in 2012.

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Stop Listening to Assumptions and Guesswork

This is a topic very close to my heart, one I’m extremely passionate about. Key information that needs drilling into so, so many companies that have an online presence big and small.

Following on from Avinash Kaushik’s exceptional blog post Online Marketing Still A Faith Based Initiative where he talks about the following:

For all the data that is available online to businesses, we still rely mainly on faith based decisions. The problem he says, lies not with how we measure, the problem lies with you (company executives).

Avinash states three important reasons to answer why in a world so full of data, so empowering when it comes to relevance and creativity…why is it we suck so much at online measurement:

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Smartdog digital helps Plan Shop Architects Re-launch

At Smartdog digital we’ve been known to know a thing or two about WordPress, it’s our CMS of choice for our clients and the choice of 60 million people on the web!

We were approached by the Plan Shop Architects in Bedale to help them gain a new web presence that would reflect their status as a quality, local, architecture firm who specialise in Landscape and Interior Design, being an enthusiastic team of design professionals.

For a reasonable budget (nearly 70% cheaper than the average cost of a website), we helped introduce Plan Shop Architects to the benefits of using WordPress to build their new website. For smaller business we recommend buying a pre-designed professional WordPress Theme and then building upon it.

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10 Things Novak Djokovic can Teach you about Business

If you are a keen follower of Tennis or Sport I like I am, then you’ve probably being watching Novak Djokovic’s meteoric rise to stardom from pretty humble beginnings.

Novak has been a true inspiration to me over the last year since starting my own business. He had one dream to play and win Wimbledon and he did it!  If you stay focused on what you want to achieve and put in the effort and hard work, then anything is possible.

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How Website Design Agencies Cheat at Link Building

Ok so I have tell you honestly about this cheap link building tactic, I’m sure that many people in the industry will agree for my reasons in taking this viewpoint. These views are my own, agree or disagree, I wanted to make people aware that this is happening.

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