Connosr: A Social Network for Whisky Drinkers

Ahhh Connosr, this is a place where refined gentleman meet to discuss the finer points of drinking man made liquid gold aka Whisky. Good choice on the name Connosr, as how many people can spell connoisseur from memory! Whisky drinkers have been rather neglected of late on the social networks, there are plenty of good […]

5 Examples of Beautiful Wine Websites

I’m partial to a nice glass of wine now again, in fact I love Wine, mixed with the right food or better a good cheese it  simply can be heaven in a glass. Please drink responsibly kids everything in moderation right and a glass of Wine is good for you now and again! I’ve picked […]

The Future of Football Club Websites

Is the new Manchester City FC website the prime example of how football club websites should be designed? Since the takeover of the club by Abu Dhabi United Group last year was completed, the Manchester City board have been busy transforming the club into a top club that will compete for honours with the best […]