Wallbase: a Wallpaper Based Search Engine

Introducing the brilliant wallpaper based search engine Wallbase it’s a fantastic little site that can really give you the power to find stunning unique wallpaper for your desktop. I’ve admittedly just got a new 23 inch Philips screen to use with my Macbook and I ended up spending 2 hours on this site last night […]

The Power of a Good Brief

This week we’ve been tackling the subject of “the brief” a sometimes elusive and sometimes forgotten about document that has all the power to make a project a complete success or hinder it’s complete existence. Brief’s come in many shapes and sizes be it a technical, design or creative brief however the underlining purpose remains […]

Local Leeds voucher & offer website Gopher Deals relaunches

In this credit crunch economy, it’s great to see a website like this offer people a cost saving solution. Pennies are tight these days for a lot of people, and as businesses work harder to get our custom and hard earned cash Gopher Deals brings you cash saving offers that will allow you to grab […]