Slides & Blog Post Goodies from the Yorkshire Expo

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Well, I have literally just got back from a busy day speaking at the Yorkshire Expo. First of all, can I personally thank everyone who attended my talk and thanks for sticking around to listen to me. It was nice to see some familiar and friendly faces in the audience today.

As promised and as is tradition after every talk here are my Presentation Slides.

Presentation Slides from Yorkshire Expo 2011

Some of my Blog Posts Mentioned in the Q&A

Here are some useful blog posts that I mentioned to the attendees with further information and tips about some of the topics I covered in my talk.

10 Golden Rules of Search Engine Optimisation
Round up of the Top 50 UK Retailers on Twitter
Mobile Websites 5 Tools to Help you Create One Cheaply
How to Find New Twitter Followers using Twitter Search
5 Great Tips to Build a Successful Network on Twitter

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Some of the Tools Mentioned in my Talk

  • – Link shorterner for sharing long links through social media.
  • Google Analytics – Free World Class Website Analytics Solution.
  • Google Website Optimiser– Free Website optimisation and testing tool. Used for undertaking website optimisation and testing different website designs / improvements and landing pages.
  • Posterous – An Awesome simple Blogging platform that publishes blog posts via E-mail to your Posterous blog. Perfect for Non-Techies. Here is my Posterous blog.
  • Hootsuite (*NB this is an Affiliate Link) – Professional Social Media Management Tool. I strongly recommend using it as I believe Hootsuite to be one of the world’s best social media tools. It can update both LinkedIn Profiles & Facebook fan pages as well. The basic package cost around $5 a month which is around (£3.50).Hootsuite also allows you to schedule Tweets / Posts in advanced, it also provides advance analytics and measurement so you can understand the amount clicks & traffic your tweets are generating. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of HootSuite Pro (*NB Affiliate Link)
  • Co-Tweet – Professional Social Media Management Tool ideal for larger business teams e.g. Customer Service Team who want to manage the same company Twitter profile using multiple members of staff.
  • Tweetfeel – Real-time Twitter search with feelings using insanely complex sentiment analysis. You can check the sentiment of a brand, keyword or topic to see what people think to it on Twitter.
  • Monitter – Monitter is a real time Twitter search tool that enables you to monitor a set of keywords on twitter. It also allows you to narrow the search to a particular geographic location.

On a final note, thanks again to the organisers Marc & Andrew for inviting me back to speak again, I always really enjoy it.

If you didn’t catch me at the Conference you can always follow me on Twitter @smartdogdigital.