• Maude4Marketing Launched

    Maude4Marketing Launched

    How do you improve a website quickly and affordably without having to get something bespoke built or designed. Simples. WordPress is the answer! Yes…you really can have a website as a good as this for less than £500.00. If you know what you’re doing with WordPress you can even do it yourself.

  • Wine Website Examples

    Wine Website Examples

    This a round up of my previous wine website example posts for your inspiration. I’ve also added a number of new finds into this post for 2013. I’m carrying on this series on the back of requests from a handful on my readers who asked me for some more recent examples.

  • The Presentation Designer Launched

    The Presentation Designer Launched

    Hello Smartdog readers! I have some rather exciting news for you today. People keep asking me ‘Illiya, why is WordPress so good?’. The short answer is this; A:It allows you to produce truly ‘Awesome’ looking websites like The Presentation Designer and our very own site runs WordPress. B: It allows small business owners with limited budgets to save thousands on…

  • Merry Christmas from Smartdog digital 2011

    Merry Christmas from Smartdog digital 2011

    Happy Christmas to you all (I love this time of year, especially getting together with the family), thanks to all who read this for supporting my blog over the past year and half. I hope you’ve enjoyed the content! More to come… For those who do read, share or comment regularly on my posts thank…

  • Smartdog digital helps Plan Shop Architects Re-launch

    Smartdog digital helps Plan Shop Architects Re-launch

    At Smartdog digital we’ve been known to know a thing or two about WordPress, it’s our CMS of choice for our clients and the choice of 60 million people on the web! We were approached by the Plan Shop Architects in Bedale to help them gain a new web presence that would reflect their status…